We can reproduce any items
of silver jewellery in gold

We can make almost any silver item on our website from 14 gold. Each piece of gold bears the manufacturer's and state stamp (the former is issued and verified by experts from the Ministry of Finance).

Large selection of silver
crosses and amulets

Almost every pendant presented on our website can be made in 5-7 working days. This includes an eyelet of your choice appropriately sized for your chain. For some designs, it is possible to change not only the size of the eyelet, but also the pendant itself.

Catalogue ...

A few dozens
types of chain weaves

At the moment, our company specializes in silver chains and bracelets. We are constantly working to increase our range and the uniqueness of our products already on our website. You will find many unusual and complex chain weaves, some of which were designed and crafted by our master jewellers. Go ...

Chains and bracelets are
available in almost any size

Thanks to their experience and skill, our jewelers produce chains and bracelets of the highest level of quality in almost any size. You can order our products according to your specifications in the section «Weaving».

We work with every
country in the world
Russia, Germany, Italy, USA,
Greece, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Estonia, Latvia, etc.
we make products
from photos
and sketches
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