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How to place an order?

To order one or more products, you need to go to the page of the corresponding product.

On it we are interested in this part: If you are completely satisfied with the dimensions of the product shown in the photo, then all you have to do is select the required number of products and click the "Buy" button or by ticking the checkbox "Only add to cart", respectively, click "Add to cart".

Choice of other sizes

If you need other sizes, you need to click on the page of this product on the link "Select other sizes". After that, a block with lists of sizes and more options will appear: Select the required parameters, specify the quantity and then click "Buy", after which you can place a quick order (fill in the minimum fields) or place a regular order. All the required number of products with the required dimensions will be in your basket.

Quick order?

The difference between a quick order and the usual ordering procedure differs in the principle of filling in the necessary data.

Standard ordering

In the process of the standard ordering procedure, you need to go through 3 stages of filling in the data.
  • 1. Fill in contact details.
  • 2. The method of payment and delivery is selected.
  • 3. A summary of all the data you entered and confirmation.

Quick order

For a quick order, you need to fill out the form:
Select a country and fill in the three fields "Country", "Contact phone number" and "Name", additional fields are filled in at your discretion. After clicking the "Finish" button, you will be redirected to the payment and delivery selection page, in any case if any information is missing, we will call you back and fill in the rest of the necessary information for payment and delivery by telephone.

What is the price of the product?

On the product page, the price is located in the upper right corner.
This cost is indicated for one product shown in the picture. When changing the quantity or using the "Select other sizes" function, the price changes according to the choice.

How do I change an existing order?

If the order has not started to be manufactured, you can make changes.
If the order is already in production, then it is not possible that the corresponding changes will be made. In any case, let us know on any of the contact details the order number and any changes that need to be made. After that, our managers will change it in accordance with your requirements, after which they will notify you about it.

What if there is no suitable size for the product?

Select other sizes

First you will see a link "Select other sizes" on the page of the product you like, you can choose your own sizes, clasp and other specifications. After clicking on this link, a block with lists of sizes and more will appear: If this link is not there, then add the jewelry you have selected into the basket, and while checking out there will be a comments section, you may list what dimensions the product should have. When we receive your order, our managers will contact you to confirm the changes and the new cost.

What are the types of chain clasp? / What bracelets do you make?

Any of the clasps can be selected on the page of almost any bracelet or chain in the block with product settings, which appears when you click on «Select other sizes».

Without clasp

Only chains with one piece weaves are possible without a clasp.

Cost: 0 RUB

Clasp «Clockwork ring»

Cost: 0 RUB

Clasp «Carabine (standard)»

Cost: 0 RUB

Clasp «Carabine (plate)»

Cost: 747 RUB

Clasp «Box»

Cost: 1941 RUB

Clasp «Box with hinges»

Cost: 2986 RUB

Clasp «Semicircular (embossed)»

Cost: 1642 RUB

Clasp «Heads of lions»

Cost: 1881 RUB

Clasp «Головы львов (Большие)»

Cost: 4030 RUB

Clasp «BARAKA»

Cost: 1493 RUB

Is it possible to order a product that is not on the site?

Yes. We make custom to order pieces that are not available on the website. To order this a product, please contact us at any of our contact details.

Production time of the ordered product?

As a rule, the total production time of products from the moment of ordering to dispatch takes 5 - 7 working days. The production time of products that are not presented on the site will take from 7 to 14 calendar days from the date of order.

How to choose other product sizes?

If you need other sizes of the product, you need to click on the page of the selected product on the link "Select other sizes". After that, a block with lists of sizes and more will appear: After selecting the necessary parameters and clicking "Add to cart", the product with the required sizes will be in your cart.

Do you make products from a sketch?

Yes, we can make products according to a sketch, pictures or description.

The order is:

  • 1. You send us a sketch / pictures, describe the details and subtleties.
  • 2. We estimate the time and cost. Usually the time frame is 7-14 business days.
  • 3. You pay 10% of the total cost.
  • 4. We create a computer model.
  • 5. We will correct it in accordance with your wishes.
  • 6. We cut the model out of wax on a milling machine or pour it on a 3D printer.
  • 7. We prepare the mold for your item.
  • 8. We pour out the metal, make processing, and you get a finished product.

Step-by-step manufacturing example:

  • 3D - model
  • Wax model
  • Flask (mold for casting)
  • Ready product

How to make a payment?

We accept payment in different ways. The amount is coming to our accounts must exactly match the amount in the order.

Payment methods for Ukraine

Online payments:
  • Transfer to the Webmoney wallet.
  • Transfer to MasterCard / Visa (LiqPay).
Other ways:
  • Transfer to a PrivatBank card through the terminal.
  • Transfer to the PrivatBank card through the cashier.
  • Transfer to PrivatBank card through
  • Cash on delivery (up to 29851 RUB).

Payment methods for Russia

Online payments:
  • Transfer to the Webmoney wallet.
  • Transfer to MasterCard / Visa (LiqPay).
Other ways:
  • Transfer to the card of Sberbank of Russia.
  • Transfers "Western Union", "MoneyGram", "Contact", "Unistream".

Payment methods for other countries

Online payments:
  • Transfer to the Webmoney wallet.
  • Transfer to MasterCard / Visa (LiqPay).
Other ways:
  • Transfers "Western Union", "MoneyGram", "Contact", "Unistream".
You can find out more about all payment methods on this page.

How do I report a payment?

If the order is paid for by transfer.

You need to report the payment to any of our contacts.
The letter should have the following format:
  • Order number: _________________
  • Transfer system: _________________("Western Union", "MoneyGram" or other)
  • Transfer amount: _________________
  • Full name of the recipient of the transfer: _________________
  • Or attach a scan or photo of a payment receipt to your letter!

If the order is paid online.

With this payment option, you do not need to inform us. After the full receipt of the entire amount the order automatically comes into force. If the ordered products are available, it prepare and send to the specified address. Otherwise it is send to our masters for manufacturing, which we will notify you about.

If you pay an incomplete amount, let us know by specifying the order number, after which we will contact with you and edit the order in accordance with your requirements.

How fast is the payment received?

If the order is paid online, the money usually comes instantly.

If the order is paid for by money order, then usually the amount is credited to our account within 12 hours from the date of payment. All money transfers are checked manually by our managers. Therefore the payment will take effect from the moment the manager checks the payment.

What currency can you pay in?

We accept payment in any of four currencies: hryvnia, ruble, euro, dollar, if the chosen payment method supports this currency.

Is it possible to pay at time of delivery (cash on delivery)?

For Ukraine

We also work with cash on delivery in Ukraine. The cash on delivery service is provided by almost all official transport companies. But the cost of this service is different for each of them.
The cash on delivery service can be used only if the order amount does not exceed 29851 RUB!

For Russia and other countries

When choosing delivery by train or bus to your city, you can pay the entire amount at the place of receipt without prepayment. This opportunity is available only for cities in Russia and Belarus, with which there is a connection "Odessa - your city" by train or bus.

You can find out more about all payment methods on this page.

What shipping methods do you provide?

For Ukraine

On the territory of Ukraine, we work with the following transport companies:
  • Novaposhta
  • Ukrposhta

For Russia

For delivery to Russia, we use the following delivery methods:
  • State Post
  • Delivery by train (Odessa - your city)
  • Delivery by bus (Odessa - your city)
  • Express - delivery from EWERLY

For other countries

For delivery to any country of the World, we use the following delivery methods:
  • State Post
  • Delivery by train (Odessa - your city)
  • Delivery by bus (Odessa - your city)
We can send a parcel at your request with a delivery service convenient for you. Make sure that the proposed method is feasible from Odessa!

More details about all delivery methods can be found on this page.

Cargo route?

Almost all official transport companies provide a cargo tracking service. In this answer we provide links to track the respective shipping services.
The data provided by the delivery services are not always up-to-date, often this happens with the following shopping malls: «Ukrposhta», «Russian Post».

Delivery speed?

If you did not find the desired delivery service when placing an order, then write about it in the comments to your order, just make sure in advance that the method you proposed is feasible from Odessa! Our managers will edit the order in accordance with your comments, and will notify you in advance.

More details about all delivery methods can be found on this page.

Order safety guarantee?

Our company will re-send the missing goods to the specified recipient by prior agreement with you In case of complete or partial loss of your order during transportation.

What are the delivery times?

We will send your order within 1-2 days in the presence of blanks for ordered products. Shipping times for products without blanks will be negotiated.

For Ukraine

Delivery times depend on the delivery method.
«Novaposhta» is the fastest way at the moment. As a rule, it delivers a parcel to anywhere in Ukraine in 1-3 days.
«Ukrposhta» is the longest delivery method, often the parcel takes about a week, even to not so remote areas.

For Russia and other countries

The delivery time very much depends from the place of receipt and on the chosen method it can last from 1 to 25 days. When delivered by state post, the parcel arrives to the addressee, as a rule within 2 weeks. The fastest way is delivery by train (1-2 days).

More details about all delivery methods can be found on this page.

Checking the order sent?

After sending the parcel, we will send you a message to any of the contact information you specified with all the details. We will track for parcel movement if it necessary. We will inform you of the TTN of this postal service if you used the services of the delivery service which is necessary to tracking the parcel.

Is there a sample on your products?

Yes. Each of our products is tested in the state assay office, and accordingly each of our products bears a test from the state assay office as well as the manufacturer's stamp verified by the Ministry of Finance.

Can I see a video of the products?

Yes. You can watch the video. Each of us has probably come across situations when you look at a picture of a product and especially if this product is a piece of jewelry. You have not idea. How it looks from all sides? If it is shiny. How is it shimmers in the light at different angles? Does the product actually corresponds to the declared quality?

To solve these problems, we decided to shoot video in HD quality with our jewelry. So it would not be difficult for you to see every detail, glare, transitions from one side to the other.

To watch the video with a product you need to go to the page and click on «Video in HD quality» under the thumbnails of pictures. After which the video will be displayed (as in the picture below):
To watch in the full screen mode with high quality video you need to click on the corresponding icon in the player:
In the full screen mode you can change the video one suits quality best:
Unfortunately, we do not have a video added to every product at the moment but we will fix step by step and confidently. We have some more interesting ideas also wich we plan to realize in the future.

How do you check the quality of the products you manufacture?

Before assembling and sending the order, each product is checked for defects by the technical control department , if any , it is sending for revision or full replacement.

Also, all products are tested in the state assay office for compliance with the declared quality the metal in the product, as evidenced by the test stamp on each of our products.

My silver has darkened, what does it mean?

You can be calm. Everything is good. Darkening is a common property of silver. More often, silver jewelry (which is worn on the body) darkens during a hot weather, since a person in such weather produces a large amount of sweat, which contains sulfur. Silver interacts with sulfur and forming a compound having a darker color, hence the darkening of silver. How to get rid of this darkening, you can find out in the article «How to clean silver at home?»

How do I know the size of a matching bracelet?

Much depends on the specific weaving, but still, in most weaves, to find out the appropriate length of the bracelet, you need to know the girth of the wrist and how much of the bracelet.
For bracelets from most weaves, the following specifications are suitable:
  • The bracelet is powerful (more than 50 g) - its length should be 4.3-6.5 cm longer than the girth of the wrist.
  • The bracelet is large (30 g - 50 g) - its length should be 3.7-5.1 cm longer than the girth of the wrist.
  • Medium bracelet (18 g - 30 g) - its length should be 3-4.2 cm larger than the wrist circumference.
  • The bracelet is small (less than 18 g) - its length should be 2.4-3.7 cm larger than the girth of the wrist.
Also, on each page you can quite accurately find out the required length by clicking on the icon:

An example of measuring the girth of the wrist

  • The wrist circumference is 17.3 cm
  • Bracelet length: 23.6 cm
  • Bracelet weight: 52 g
  • Difference: 23.6 - 17.3 = 6.3 cm
This is how this bracelet lies on the hand:

How do I know the size of a suitable chain?

For most people will fit these sizes:
  • For large people, the suitable chain length is 58-70 cm
  • For people of average build, 53-65 cm is suitable
  • For people with a lean build 48-60 cm

Girls more often choose a length close to a smaller number from a suitable range, and men, on the contrary, that is if the suitable range is 48-60 cm, then men often choose a chain length close to 60 cm, and girls close to 48 cm.

How did the name «» come about?

The name comes from the word JEWELRY. By removing the letter "J" and swapping the "L" and "R", we got the name that you see now + the ending .com.
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