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Sterling silver and Chinese silver

Sterling silver and Chinese silver

It was at the end of 2014. Once a person called our company and asked 2 questions: "1. What is your price for a 100 gram silver chain?", 2. "Do you have sterling silver?". To be honest, he is puzzled us a little at that moment - no matter how it sounded, but we did not know what means a sterling silver. Without hesitation, we went to the Internet and entered into a search the simplest request «sterling silver». We saw by made us smile. His very first question was answered quickly and clearly, but what followed from him surprised us no less, he said (quote): “It's expensive. I've seen Chinese silver sold from China several times cheaper, than yours!" - here we were taken by surprise, because we did not know what Chinese silver was. But we knew one thing for sure: there could not be such a price, even in pawnshops they accept scrap silver more expensive. But always need to find answers to open questions, we did it and that's what we found out.

Sterling silver

Seems the name "sterling silver" came from the word "sterling". Sterling - this is an alloy that contains 92.5% silver and more. If you look what is the sample metal, you can see that sterling silver is any silver of 925 or higher. It's simple, we have always been involved in the production of sterling silver jewelry and did not even know about it.

Chinese silver

The situation is different with Chinese silver. Having rummaged through many forums and online stores selling the so-called Chinese silver. We came to the final conclusion this is simple steel. Aluminum or some other completely non-precious metal, the surface of which is covered with a layer of silver. It is why “silver” products are cheaper.

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Published: 09.01.2018
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