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Chain "Lightning" of silver 111026POC

Chain "Lightning" of silver 111026POC

Art. 111026POC
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137 $210 $
Wholesale discount:
From 2: -5%
From 3: -8%
From 5: -15%
Current wholesale:
Weight: 50 (± 3)
Width: 8 (± 0.5)
Length: 55
Weaving: Lightning
Coverage: Niello
Clasp: Carabine (standard)
Material: Sterling Silver
Опт.: from 2 items
Карабин (стандарт)
  • You can choose coverage, weight, length, width, clasp.
  • Products, with some combinations of width, length and weight cannot be produced in principle, in such cases our managers will contact You.
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Suitable size (reference)
The suitable length of the bracelet depends on its weight and the girth of the wrist. On the right are the weights of the bracelet and the length ranges by which it should be larger than the girth of the wrist. Most people will fit this sizes:
  • Large physique - 58-70 cm
  • Average build - 53-65 cm
  • Lean physique - 48-60 cm
Girls more often choose a length close to a smaller number from a suitable range, and men, on the contrary, i.e. if the suitable range is 48-60 cm, then men often choose a chain length close to 60 cm, and girls close to 48 cm.

Video in HD quality - Chain "Lightning" of silver

We can make this product of gold.
Full-fledged silver chain around the neck. A unique weaving, developed by our craftsmen, and at the moment You will not find it anywhere else. You can buy or order products from this weaving only from us.
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Масса: 173.25 г
Длина: 55 см
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