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Pendant - icon of sterling silver 0102206TUB

Pendant - icon of sterling silver 0102206TUB

Art. 0102206TUB
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13 $
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Weight: 3.2 (± 0.5) g
Width: 1.5 cm
Length: 2.1 cm
Coverage: None
Material: Sterling Silver
Опт.: from 2 items
Eyelet: Standard
  • You can choose coverage, eyelet.
  • Additional wishes you can specify in the comments when placing an order.
  • In some models of suspensions it is not possible to expand the eyelet to the required size, in which case our managers will contact You.
  • Any pendant can be supplemented with an eyelet of the desired size with an adapter ring for any chain.
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We can make this product of gold.
Thorough study of the smallest details.

Length: 1.7 cm
Length with an eyelet for a ring: 2.1 cm
In the photo: silver pendant on the neck - the icon of the Mother of God Seven-Arrow.

The icon of the Mother of God of the Seven Arrows of the Blessed Virgin is symbolically represented by seven arrows pierced. It is an image of the sorrow of a Mother who saw the suffering of Her Son. Just as the Body of Christ was pierced with nails and a spear, so the soul of His Immaculate Mother was struck by the "weapon" of sorrow and heartache. According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, the God was crucified for the sins of the people, and every day he is crucified again at the Liturgy for the new sins of the living today. Therefore, the seven arrows also symbolically signify the seven deadly sins of man, which bring new sorrows to the Mother of God.
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Это не семистрельная, это умягчение злых сердец.
А сколько будет стоить если сделать эту ладанку только чтоб она весила грамм 30-40, чтоб она по больше была?
Здравствуйте, Владимир!

Данная подвеска изготавливается только в таких размерах. В указанных Вами размерах можем изготовить подобную, её стоимость будет рассчитываться индивидуально в зависимости от конкретной модели и точных размеров. Конкретную стоимость за подобную ладанку массой 35 грамм мы Вам прислали на указанный Вами в комментарии E-mail.

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